Wireless sensor system for photovoltaic panel efficiency monitoring using wi-fi network


Photovoltaic (PV) panel is an instrument that serves as a source of electric energy with many advantages. There is a need for a monitoring system for external disturbances on PV panels as to ensure its optimum function. This research developed a wireless sensor system to monitor the condition of PV panels. This system consists of a light illumination sensor as the input, a current sensor, and a voltage divider to measure electric power as the output parameter mounted on the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) in the field. Data from these sensors are acquired by a micro controller via an ADC and an Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) protocol specified for the sensors used. These data are then sent to the network via an Ethernet board using the TCP/IP protocol. Then, a radio is used to communicate these data to a Control Terminal Unit (CTU) computer. These data are saved in a database for further computations on PV panel efficiency. Results of output graphic analyses will indicate whether the PV panels are normal and or not normal. Hence, the system serves to diagnose disturbances on the PV panel by comparing the input variable (light illumination) against the resulting PV panel efficiency.


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