Determination of Copper (II) and Palladium (II) by Polarographic Methods


Schiff base 2–Hydroxy–5–methoxy Benzaldehyde – Tris [HMBT] Ligand is a new chromogenic reagent have not been used so far for the determination of copper and palladium in trace quantities. Effect of p H on wave height for COPPER[HMBT] PALLADIUM –[HMBT] systems have been studied at p H 7-8.5 and 8.5-11.5 for Copper and Palladium respectively in 0.1 m molar NaNo3 and 0.002 % Triton –x–100 which increases the stability of the complex . Effect of Ligand concentration on Copper and Palladium have been studied at P H 8.5 for Copper and Palladium, Effect of height of mercury column on copper[HMBT] palladium –[HMBT] at P H 8.5 , Effect of copper ion concentration and palladium ion concentration on the wave height at P H 8.5 have been studied.


6 Figures and Tables

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