[Abuse of psychoactive substances by adolescents in rural and urban environments].


It is well known that drug abuse is common in early adolescence with almost the same epidemiological characteristics in economical developed and undeveloped countries. Aim of this study is to compare drug abuse among adolescents in the urban and rural areas. Research covers 600 adolescents equal gender and age distribution. Distribution of participants regarding to the rural and urban type of areas, was equal, as well. It was used Q 2000 questionnaires, which was comprehensive tool for all aspects of adolescents life. Results shows that drug abuse is much more common in urban areas (alcohol 62.4%; and cannabis 70.0%; in rural areas alcohol 37.6%; and cannabis 30.0%). Regarding to age, drug abuse is the most common among adolescents aged 15-17. Alcohol is much more related to boys, but regarding to cannabis there is almost no differences.


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